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Brexit: Deal or No Deal

As a responsible supplier we have identified various issues which need addressing in relation to the Country’s withdrawal from the European Union (BREXIT), and the possible scenario’s based upon whether the Government’s Withdrawal Agreement passes through Parliament in current or amended form, over the next couple of weeks, or we proceed to the default position of a “No Deal Brexit”

We are looking to re-assure our customers that as your suppliers, that we are prepared for all circumstances that may occur in the light of the above, and that there will be no operational impact to our business.

We are aware of Government advice being available, and the links below refer to technical notices and information about trading with the EU in the event of a “No Deal Brexit”:-



We have completed the following questionnaire which covers our readiness for Brexit.

1. Customs Formalities   We import & export to many countries outside the EU for many years, we are very well acquainted with these processes. Specifically for Brexit there are no specific documents (if there will be at all) obtainable yet to our knowledge.

2. Customs, duties, tax and rules of origin   Again, we are very well acquainted with import and export duties and related issues by exporting to many countries outside of the EU. To our knowledge, no duties have yet been decided in conjunction with Brexit, but if/when there will be, we are prepared for it.

3. Workforce  We understand the potential increase in workload to deal with a no deal Brexit scenario and believe we are fully staffed to handle any such issues, if they should affect us in any way.

4. Supply Chain   We are in discussions with our suppliers (tier.2 and below) with regard to this issue and believe they are fully prepared, however we have plans in place to increase our safety stock to mitigate any possible issues.

5. Purchasing    We have examined our contracts with suppliers to mitigate Brexit derived risk and ensure Incoterms and liabilities are clearly defined, we see no real impact other than transportation but we have plans in place to increase stock levels.

6. Finance & insurance   Considering all of the above, we have assessed the potential working capital impact on our business and have budgeted accordingly

7. Summary Having answered the above questions and read the government guidance notes (links in letter) we would rate our overall preparedness for maintaining continuity of supply in the event of a no deal Brexit?

Yours truly,

Ray Wallis
General Manager