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Legal plates and stickers for driving overseas changing from GB to UK 28/09/2021

From 28th September 2021, drivers going outside the UK must display either a Union Flag + UK initials plate, or UK initials sticker. PLEASE NOTE THE IMAGES SHOWN MAY NOT REFLECT THE FINAL DESIGNS AS WE ARE STILL AWAITING A…

A Guide to Fitting Number Plates 05/05/2021

Please do not fix these new number plates to any vehicle until you have received: A new V5 registration document showing this registration mark or have confirmation email confirming change of mark.

Important 145e DVLA update 11/12/2020

This newsletter (straight from DVLA) contains important information and details of changes to legislation directly related to the supply of number plates. In this newsletter you will find: Introduction of the new standard for number plates: BS AU 145e Changes…

Number plate Requirements 25/07/2020

These are current requirements for numberplates:

Green number plates – coming soon 23/06/2020

Transport Secretary Grant Schapps has said that plates with a green flash, for electric zero CO2 emission vehicles, will be rolled out as soon as Autumn 2020. The British Numberplate Manufacturers Association (of which Bestplate is a founding member) are…

Covid-19 Branded Products 14/05/2020

A range of Covid-19 branded products for your business. Get in touch for quote today!

GB flags on number plates still legal post Brexit 15/10/2019

The GB flag on your number plate will still be legal after Brexit, regardless of the outcome, though drivers will need to display a GB sticker on the rear of their vehicle when travelling abroad. It will still be legal…

We are ready: 18/01/2019

As a responsible supplier we have identified various issues which need addressing in relation to the Country’s withdrawal from the European Union (BREXIT), and the possible scenario’s based upon whether the Government’s Withdrawal Agreement passes through Parliament in current or…

Trailer Plate Scheme 09/01/2019

The trailer plate registration scheme is a DVLA service for certain UK trailers used internationally. It is being introduced as part of the UK’s ratification of the 1968 Vienna Convention and to address the issues already faced by customers using…

BS AU 145e legislation changes 03/12/2018

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCMENT Dear Customer, Previously scheduled for March 2019 and then postponed, a new date for the forthcoming new BSAU145e British Standard on number plates has not yet been set. Bestplate will be managing the transition between 145d & 145e…

Parliamentary Review Article 15/10/2018

We are pleased to have been included in the latest edition of The Parliamentary Review as a Best Practice Representative. “The Parliamentary Review is an indispensable guide to industry best practice, which demonstrates how sector leaders have responded to challenges…

On A Lighter Note 28/06/2016

*Click more to see news article* *To Enlarge Article Image Click Once More* Courtesy of the Daily Mail.

The Importance of Meeting Legislation 09/02/2016

Three men were handed suspended prison sentences and left thousands of pounds out of pocket after admitting selling illegal car number plates on the Internet from a business based in Newton Longville. Steven John Clarke,32, his father John Charles Clarke,70, and their…

What’s the story with black and silver number plates? 08/12/2015

Click here for DVLA information on older style plates    

New 2015 Promotional Item & Clothing Catalogue Out Now! 06/01/2015

A unique Bestplate customer benefit is also having access to our one-stop-shop offering of motor trade custom-branded promotional, clothing & signage products. Check out our best sellers by ordering your FREE copy of our new 2015 promotional item and clothing catalogue.

Seven Year Jail Sentence for Supplier of Fake Number plates Used in Over 100 Crimes 15/08/2014

Not only is the law taking a hard line on perpetrators of serious crimes. It is also taking an increasingly harder line on fraudulent number plate suppliers who facilitate such criminals and their criminal activity.

Fraudulent Number Plate Maker Narrowly Escapes Two Year Custodial Sentence 24/06/2014

A recently prosecuted Southport-based number plate supplier narrowly escaped a two year custodial sentence having printed 13,277 number plates without performing appropriate customer identity checks.

Bestplate Launches New Website with Improved Sales & Support Functionality 06/06/2014

The new website, which offers quick and easy access to information on Bestplate and its products, is part of the company’s ongoing efforts to enhance the quality and availability of product information and aftersales support to its motor trade customers.

Further Investment In Digital Print Offering Is Good News For Motor Dealers 10/03/2014

Bestplate have made further investment in its wide-format print resources with the acquisition of the latest Mimaki CJV Integrated Printer and Cutting Machinery, complementing its existing large-scale on-site print facility.

Do you supply Number Plates? If so, find out why 5 minutes of your time can save you up to £5,000 in fines! 10/03/2014

Within the motor trade, it’s common knowledge that producing and supplying number plates without a correct Registered Number Plate Supplier (RNPS) registration is an offence. However, even the most ethical of suppliers may be unwittingly breaking the law and facing fines of up to £5000!

Promotional Business Gifts 20/01/2014

As various industry sources recently report – promotional business gifts are a form of advertising media that has grown in popularity over the last decade and for many organisations, they are considered to be an essential item within their marketing budgets in driving brand promotion and recognition.

Vehicle Cloning and Number Plate Theft
Vehicle cloning and plate abuse – growing concerns 22/10/2013

The issue of vehicle cloning and plate abuse is a concern shared by Bestplate, the BNMA and all parts of the legitimate number plate industry as well as by the government and its agencies.

Market update on the supply of plastics used in number plate manufacture 20/06/2011

One of the main drivers for the increased demand for Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) and its derivative, Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA), has been the Flat Screen Monitor Market which has taken a disproportionate share of PMMA output over the last 12 to 18 months.

The Industry steps up its efforts to clamp down on plate abuse 05/04/2011

Despite legislative changes to extend the Register of Number Plate Scheme (RNPS) and a change to regulations regarding non-compliant ‘show plates’, the DVLA continues to identify and prosecute those number plate suppliers who flout the law.

Important information regarding the acrylic market 23/11/2010

There are extraordinary market conditions that are adversely affecting the market for plastics and associated commodities.

Number Plate MOT inspection instructions from VOSA 08/07/2010

The latest instructions issued by VOSA for the inspection of number plates in the MOT test.

Vehicle registration numbers – the next decade. 22/10/2009

The DVLA has issued a flyer informing drivers of the new registration number system that comes into effect beginning March 2010 and will remain effective for the next ten years.

New Number Plate New Legislation – Display of National Flags 04/06/2009

The government issued an amendment of the Road Vehicle (Display of Registration Marks) Regulations 2001 in relation to the display of national flags.