Components & Accessories

Number plate reflective materials, acrylic and accessories for customers of our self-assembly systems.

Number Plate Reflective

Our white and yellow reflective can either be supplied plain or pre-printed with flags, regional identifiers and multi-colour dealer personalisations.

Number Plate Acrylic

Bestplate Acrylic is specifically formulated to meet rigorous criteria. It offers excellent weatherability, is solvent resistant and withstands high levels of impact.

Printer Ribbon

We supply high quality, high capacity printer ribbons to suit all types of Bestplate number plate printing systems.

Drill Bits

Customers using screw-fittings can choose fit-for-purpose, specifically- sized drill bits to ensure ease of drilling and a better quality finish.

Print Head Cleaning Wipes

Blocked printer heads impair number plate print quality and leads to ink and reflective wastage. It is important to clean the printer head using isopropyl alcohol wipes.

Anti Static Tack Cloths

Our anti-static tack cloths are reusable, ideal for removing dust and fine particles during printer maintenance and as part of the number plate finishing process.