The Industry steps up its efforts to clamp down on plate abuse


Despite legislative changes to extend the Register of Number Plate Scheme (RNPS) and a change to regulations regarding non-compliant ‘show plates’, the DVLA continues to identify and prosecute those number plate suppliers who flout the law.

In a recent DVLA communication to BNMA members, the DVLA highlights how the legitimate industry is being hit and is shedding labour as a result of this illegal activity, as well as the problems that plate abuse brings generally in the areas of vehicle and other crime.

Like other BNMA members, Bestplate supplies only to businesses registered under the RNPS scheme and all our employees are well aware of our obligations under the law. In addition to this, the BNMA is in the process of preparing a Code of Practice which will incorporate this.

Members are taking the opportunity to circulate the recent DVLA communication widely and as part of this process have supplied a copy of the letter which can be viewed by clicking on the link: DVLA Letter – Register of Number Plate Scheme (RNPS).

As a Member of the BNMA, Bestplate and other legitimate players within the industry appreciate the DVLA’s efforts in addressing this problem and by stepping up our efforts to work together in conjunction with the DVLA, aim to eliminate plate abuse.