Trailer Plate Scheme


BESTPLATE:       Trailer Plate Information and Q&A


What is the trailer registration scheme and why has it been introduced?

The trailer plate registration scheme is a DVLA service for certain UK trailers used internationally. It is being introduced as part of the UK’s ratification of the 1968 Vienna Convention and to address the issues already faced by customers using UK trailers abroad.


Will every trailer in the UK need to be registered?

No. Registration will be mandatory for all commercial use trailers travelling internationally that weigh over 750kg in gross weight. Registration is also mandatory for non-commercial use trailers that travel internationally and weigh over 3500kg in gross weight.


How will the trailer registration plate look?

The trailer registration plate must have solid black characters on a white background. No material, other than a registration mark, may be displayed on a registration plate except for information that identifies the manufacturer of the registration plate.


How should the trailer registration plate be displayed?

The trailer registration plate must be fixed to the rear of the trailer in a position that is as far as reasonably practicable from the position of the towing vehicle registration plate. If it is not possible to fix a registration plate on the rear of the trailer, a registration plate must be fixed to both sides of the trailer and in such positions that in normal daylight the characters of the registration mark are easily distinguishable from either side of the trailer.


Where can I buy a trailer plate?

For all your Trailer plate requirements, please email or contact the Bestplate sales desk on 01253 348634.


I’m a supplier, do I need to register separately to become a distributor of trailer registration plates?

No, as long as you are a registered number plate supplier you will be able to supply trailer registration plates.

Bestplate will be able to provide you with the vehicle registration plate components/equipment/software needed to produce trailer registration plates.


What documents do I check?

As with vehicle registration plates customers will need to provide a document to confirm their identity and a document proving their entitlement to use the registration number. The list of acceptable documents can be found on the INF136. For trailer registration plates, customers should be able be able to provide the trailer registration certificate or an eV948.


Who should I contact if I have further questions regarding the supply of trailer registration plates?

For further help or advice please contact the Bestplate sales desk on 01253 348634

If you would like more information about the trailer registration scheme or other changes that may affect those driving abroad after March 2019, please visit: