From 28th September 2021, drivers going outside the UK must display either a Union Flag + UK initials plate, or UK initials sticker.


The government has recently announced that from September 28th UK drivers going overseas to most countries will need to display either a UK initialled and Union Flagged plate on their vehicle, or a UK sticker.   


Previous to this, UK vehicles could travel overseas with the the Union Flag design but with GB initials underneath.

WHAT DO I DO IF I HAVE A PLATE OR STICKER WITH THE GB INITIALS ON IT? advises to cover a GB sticker over and to accompany a GB plate with a UK sticker.


If you’re driving in Spain, Malta or Cyprus, you must display a UK sticker regardless what you have on your plate.



Please do not fix these new number plates to any vehicle until you have received:

A new V5 registration document showing this registration mark or have confirmation email confirming change of mark.

This newsletter (straight from DVLA) contains important information and details of changes to legislation directly related to the supply of number plates.

In this newsletter you will find: Introduction of the new standard for number plates: BS AU 145e Changes to the eligibility for black and silver number plates Removal of the ‘EU’ symbol Green Number Plates Help and support for number plate suppliers Some of the RNPS Enforcement Team at DVLA
Some of the RNPS Enforcement Team in 2019 (photo taken before the current restrictions)

Upcoming changes to legislation Introduction of the new standard for number plates: BS AU 145e
The British Standards Institute publishes the technical standards that all number plates are required to satisfy and this requirement is mandated in law. In March 2018, the BSI published an updated standard for number plates, BS AU 145e. This new standard will improve the durability of new number plates and enhance compatibility with on-road enforcement cameras. The new standard also requires that plates only display single shade black lettering, removing the ability to use different shades to produce 3D effects or highlighting. The agency has not seen any evidence to show that number plates displaying raised plastic, acrylic or Perspex lettering (3D/4D plates) are able to meet the requirements of either the current or new the British Standard. To take effect this new British Standard needs to be incorporated into the regulations and will become mandatory from 1 September 2021 but can be used from 1 January 2021. This means that as a supplier you: must ensure that the number plates you supply can meet all the requirements of the standard and the legislative requirements should contact your component supplier or manufacturer if you’re unsure whether the components they supply for you can meet the standard – it’s an offence to supply number plates that cannot meet the standard Copies of the new British Standard can be purchased from BSI.
Number plate
Changes to the eligibility for black and silver number plates It will be specified in law from 1 January 2021 that only vehicles manufactured before 1 January 1980 are eligible to display “black and silver” plates. This means that as a supplier you: can only produce black and silver plates for those vehicles registered prior to 1 January 1980 that have also been licensed in the historic tax class Removal of the ‘EU’ symbol As part of the UK’s exit from the EU, government will remove the ability to fix a new number plate displaying the Euro symbol after the end of the EU exit transition period. Those registration plates fixed to a vehicle before 1 January 2021 will be unaffected. This means that as a supplier you: cannot produce a number plate with an EU symbol from 1 January 2021. Green Number Plates Green number plates (GNP) will signify that the vehicle emits zero emissions and will consist of a green flash on the left hand side of a registration plate. They will be non-mandatory and available to new and existing qualifying vehicles. Regional emblems and identifiers that are currently permitted can still be displayed on the green flash.

Green number plate

Eligibility Only vehicles with zero tailpipe emissions (e.g. fully battery electric, or hydrogen fuel cell) can display a green number plate. Hybrids and plug-in hybrids (including range extenders) are not eligible. This applies to all vehicle types – cars, vans, taxis, motorbikes; and buses, coaches and HGVs. Design The regulations state that: the green flash must be no less than 40mm in width, and no more than 50mm in width it must be retro-reflective and be matching or of an equivalent green to the Pantone 7481c colour reference Examples
An example of a Green Number Plate A rear green number plate A different green number plate
Help and support for number plate suppliers If you have any questions please contact: DVLA’s Enforcement Team are still available to support number plate suppliers during this unprecedented time. If you have any questions in relation to the upcoming changes, or legal requirements and standards in relation to number plates, please do not hesitate to get in touch. DVLA reception
Remember You must see original documents – not copies or photographs – to prove a customer’s identity and entitlement before supplying a number plate. If there are any changes to your business you must advise DVLA. You can do this using the contact information above. You can find more information in our ‘Vehicle registration numbers and number plates’ leaflet.
DVLA Newsletter published 10/12/20

These are current requirements for numberplates:

Transport Secretary Grant Schapps has said that plates with a green flash, for electric zero CO2 emission vehicles, will be rolled out as soon as Autumn 2020.

The British Numberplate Manufacturers Association (of which Bestplate is a founding member) are in consultation with DVLA and the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) about their implementation plans, particularly the specification required for the green plate.

Plates are expected to have a green flash to the left hand side of the plate (as shown below)

Green number plates

We will publish more information when details are confirmed.

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The GB flag on your number plate will still be legal after Brexit, regardless of the outcome, though drivers will need to display a GB sticker on the rear of their vehicle when travelling abroad.

It will still be legal to display GB number plates after Brexit, with or without a deal.


Brexit: Deal or No Deal

As a responsible supplier we have identified various issues which need addressing in relation to the Country’s withdrawal from the European Union (BREXIT), and the possible scenario’s based upon whether the Government’s Withdrawal Agreement passes through Parliament in current or amended form, over the next couple of weeks, or we proceed to the default position of a “No Deal Brexit”

We are looking to re-assure our customers that as your suppliers, that we are prepared for all circumstances that may occur in the light of the above, and that there will be no operational impact to our business.

We are aware of Government advice being available, and the links below refer to technical notices and information about trading with the EU in the event of a “No Deal Brexit”:-

We have completed the following questionnaire which covers our readiness for Brexit.

1. Customs Formalities   We import & export to many countries outside the EU for many years, we are very well acquainted with these processes. Specifically for Brexit there are no specific documents (if there will be at all) obtainable yet to our knowledge.

2. Customs, duties, tax and rules of origin   Again, we are very well acquainted with import and export duties and related issues by exporting to many countries outside of the EU. To our knowledge, no duties have yet been decided in conjunction with Brexit, but if/when there will be, we are prepared for it.

3. Workforce  We understand the potential increase in workload to deal with a no deal Brexit scenario and believe we are fully staffed to handle any such issues, if they should affect us in any way.

4. Supply Chain   We are in discussions with our suppliers (tier.2 and below) with regard to this issue and believe they are fully prepared, however we have plans in place to increase our safety stock to mitigate any possible issues.

5. Purchasing    We have examined our contracts with suppliers to mitigate Brexit derived risk and ensure Incoterms and liabilities are clearly defined, we see no real impact other than transportation but we have plans in place to increase stock levels.

6. Finance & insurance   Considering all of the above, we have assessed the potential working capital impact on our business and have budgeted accordingly

7. Summary Having answered the above questions and read the government guidance notes (links in letter) we would rate our overall preparedness for maintaining continuity of supply in the event of a no deal Brexit?

Yours truly,

Ray Wallis
General Manager

The trailer plate registration scheme is a DVLA service for certain UK trailers used internationally. It is being introduced as part of the UK’s ratification of the 1968 Vienna Convention and to address the issues already faced by customers using UK trailers abroad.

Click here for more details.


Dear Customer,

Previously scheduled for March 2019 and then postponed, a new date for the forthcoming new BSAU145e British Standard on number plates has not yet been set.

Bestplate will be managing the transition between 145d & 145e to ensure that all our customers will be compliant with the new standard. Over the coming months we will be furnishing new software to all customers in advance of that date.

The new software will work to both the old and new standards, and complies with DVLA recommendations to include a secure, tamperproof RNPS audit trail.

Customers purchasing pre-printed products from Bestplate will receive stock which is compliant with the new Standard.

Best regards

The Bestplate Team

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